Finance for Startups by Kate Lister

First Six Years

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  • Each year about 12 million people try to start about 7 million ventures—that means more businesses than babies are conceived every year.
  • At the end of two years, there was no correlation between the amount of startup capital and success.
  • More than six years in, fewer than two in five startups report initial profits—worth noting if you’re thinking about quitting your day job.


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More than 80 percent of new ventures were funded by owner savings, personal loans and credit cards.  About 17 percent of entrepreneurs received financial help from the folks who knew them, loved them or liked them.  The average startup kitty was about $48,000.00 (Median $4,300.00)


Marketing to Women online by Sara Anderson

5 Guidelines to marketing to the group that really holds the wallet.

1.       Speak her language

2.       Connect her with others

3.       Allow her to Research

4.       Appeal to Changing Status Trends

a.        Generosity

b.       Green Credentials

5.       Patterns

Women have the ability to perceive more than the metric of a product attribute.

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